Tone Metronome 2.0

No Image Tone Metronome is a flexible beat indicator that offers a variety of kick, snare, crash, hihat and click drums. The volume and timing of each drum can be setup independently to create a variety of drum rhythms. The program offers standard preset 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, and 2/3 drum patterns. A custom drum pattern can also be setup and drum patterns created by the user can be saved. A tempo up to 240 beats per minute is available.

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patterns and the pattern can be printed out in different ways. Compared to hand drawing of a pattern onto different "square" or "millimetre" paper it has incomparably more advantages. Compared to its predecessor - the VYSIVKY program - it offers the following extra options: - Maximum embroidery size up to 999 x 999 cross stitches; - Smooth zoom in and zoom out of the pattern; - Faster display; - Colour palette can be edited and saved into a separate

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Color By Number 4: Convert photos to paint-by-number pattern
Color By Number 4

pattern. Just scan the photo or load graphics file from disk, choose the color palette to be used and the program will convert your photo to a paint-by-number pattern optimized for the color set you have chosen. You can print the pattern together with color key. STOIK Color by Number Main features: - Up to 255 colors in the pattern. - Option to use mixed colors. - Option to convert to the best matching RGB colors. - Added Shaded palette. Simplified

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RQ MSWord Search-Replace 1.10: Batch search and replace text in MSWord documents.
RQ MSWord Search-Replace 1.10

RQ MSWord Search-Replace is used to search and replace multiple text fragments in many MS Word documents by one-click. You can use RQ MSWord Search-Replace to mass edit documents - replace text, replace ms word format text, change font color and\or font size. Visual presentation of formatted text to the replacement make it easy! Search and replacing text patterns stored in two editor windows - for search pattern and replace patterns separately.

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Pattern Wizard 2.5: Draw and print craft patterns to any size. Automatically tiles across pages.
Pattern Wizard 2.5

Draw and print craft patterns to any size. Automatically tiles across pages. Trace photographs. Draw perfect shapes with a few clicks: lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, curves. Easily change your design by clicking & dragging parts of it. Great for any kind of line drawing: stained glass, scroll saw, quilting, wood working, intarsia, marquetry, applique, doll patterns, metal art.

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Pattern Memory 1.2.0: Memorise the patterns and reproduce them.
Pattern Memory 1.2.0

In this game you will be given a grid of blocks, some of the grids will be highlighted for a moment, you need to memorise the pattern of the highlighted blocks and then reproduce the pattern. As the game progresses the grid will be larger and the number of highlighted blocks will also be larger, making the game more and more difficult.

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Metal Ornamental Pattern Screensaver 1.0: The screensaver with live ornamental pattern of metal.
Metal Ornamental Pattern Screensaver 1.0

This screensaver lets you observe a live ornamental pattern of metal in your display. The pattern shows a current time and he is never repeated. The moving lightes supplement this mysterious picture. The screensaver uses 3D graphics, but he requires only a version 1 of OpenGL. Dark design relieves your display. Trial version has not any limitations of the useful time or of the functionality.

ornamental, opengl, screensaver, surreal, pattern, clock, live, metal

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